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...but my will grows weak with each passing day...
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25th-Nov-2010 09:04 pm - Writer's Block: Cold turkey
Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? If so, how does your celebration vary from traditional holiday rituals?

Yes, we celebrate Thanksgiving the traditional way. Family food, and a football game.:)
25th-Jan-2009 09:15 am - Writer's Block: Robotic
Who (or what) is your favorite fictional robot?

R2-D2 is my hero.:)
We had the TVs going at work all day, trying to catch scenes of the inauguration and the aftermath between things. And then there was The Guy in The Corner Office, who grumbled and mumbled under his breath about our new president. I'll take a wild guess that he didn't vote for Obama and is VERY bitter that he's won. But I figure our workplace was about half and half in regards to voting for Obama and McCain. It just irritates me that the man has such a bad attitude and no respect for co-workers or our country's new leader.

It was already dark by the time I made it home. I'm starting to think there's something to lack of sunlight causing depression and other ailments. I know I don't have near as much energy in the winter as I do during the warmer months. I made a big salad and put flaked crab in it. I'm not sure that it's real crab or imitation but it certainly made my salad good.:)

I still have a report to work on but I just can't get it worded right.
21st-Jan-2008 01:21 pm - Cold and gloomy day...
I really don't like the cold. It's actually bothered me more this year than it ever has for some reason. Even inside everything seems gloomy. Maybe it's just me.

I worked for a couple of hours this morning, everyone else was off but dumb old me volunteered to come in and check on the deliveries and do paperwork. I wasn't there too long. I guess I really should be getting something accomplished today but it feels good just to sit here and not have to be anywhere.
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